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New Black Eagle Jazz Band

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Information: Mail
New Black Eagle Jazz Band
111 Caldwell Farm Rd
Byfield MA 01922

Peter Bullis, Byfield MA
Phone: 978.462.6210

Music Leader
Tony Pringle, Hudson MA
Phone: 978.562.5048
About: Greetings from the "New Black Eagle Jazz Band", now in our 37th year together and still going strong!

The Black Eagles, as we are often known to our fans, have been a fixture on the international jazz scene since 1971, bringing the sounds of traditional New Orleans Jazz to audiences all over the world. Many observers regard us as the premier band playing in the traditional jazz style; we do regard ourselves as the "Keepers of the Flame”!

We refuse to slavishly copy earlier jazz performances note for note, but are – at all times – aware of the legacy and influence from such legendary New Orleans musicians as Louis Armstrong, George Lewis, Kid Ory, Sidney Bechet, Jelly Roll Morton, Paul Barbarin and, of course, The Preservation Hall Jazz Band - just to name a few of those who represent the best in the history of New Orleans Jazz. We also have a good selection of Duke Ellington and Ragtime to spice the pot – so to speak.

Now in our 37th year, the band today is playing at its very best. We welcome you to our website where you will find our schedule with news of events and activities regarding the band; band history; and a schedule of our upcoming regular gigs and concerts. For any newcomers to our music, our website also includes sample sound clips from several of our recordings and CDs.
Location: Byfield, MA, United States
Music Genres: Dixieland Jazz
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