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About: Due to sudden and unforseen circumstances, Dennis Sullivan (DPS) our guitarist, is no longer a member of Blue Blisters. Thankfully, there seem to be a few good and available guitarists out there. Many thanks to all that have contacted me expressing a wish to become a member of the band - I have now finished the auditions, and we are satisfied that our new guitarist will settle into the band quickly and comfortably, bringing his own personal influence with him Watch this space for details and photos which will be updated very soon, Scotty :) Further to the requests for more tracks, I have now uploaded a few more on the band's own website at Most are actual live recordings during gigs, so don't expect studio quality balance or post-production. These are totally "as-it-was-on-the-night" recordings, featuring our previous guitarist, Dennis Sullivan, on most of the tracks, and a couple with Cameron, who was a founder member of Blue Blisters. These are unedited recordings, complete with an occassional bum note or missed beat - yeah, thats right man - we aren't perfect!! (pretty darned close to it though :) Now that we are blessed with our full compliment of members once again, we are hoping to restart the live recordings just as soon as Steve has had time to develop his contributions fully (whatever that means!) Kevin at Rhondda Hotel very kindly recorded our gig (barring the first 2 songs) on October 6th, and they seem to be fairly well balanced, so we will be posting some more recent live recordings here very soon!
Information: To contact Blue Blisters
please call us on
+44 (0)1685 722092
Mobile: 07974 474930
Location: United Kingdom - Wales
Music Genres: Rock and Roll and Blues

Blue Blisters - we play lots of covers, but we sound like ourselves. Everything we play is torn apart and rebuilt so that we can play it OUR WAY. Somehow it seems to work, as we ALWAYS get booked
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