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About: Biography
Boogie Phil was, at the tender age of six, already driving the neighbours crazy, banging away on that old piano all day long at his parental home. As the years passed, he decided to take his musical ambitions more seriously and studied classical music at the local music academy. After listening to the music of Scott Joplin and Jelly Roll Morton, ragtime and stride-piano became an overridding passion for him. By 20, he had already put together a full repertoire of ragtime numbers which he played in bars and clubs in and around his home town.

During one of his many visits to the local music store, a record featuring boogie-piano players caught his attention. Floyd Dixon, Little Brother Montgomery, Meade Lux Lewis, Albert Ammons, Pete Johnson and many others... who were these guys with there powerfull, overwhelming rhythms?
Fired with passion and enthusiasm, he threw himself heart and soul into this special style of music that goes by the name of ‘Boogie Woogie’. The journey from study room to music store became daily routine. His repertoire became a mix of boogie woogie and blues.
Innovation was bound to follow. Black-American jump bands from the fifties became a new source of inspiration. In 1986 he formed his first band ‘The Chevy’s’ with which he toured all over Flanders. Originally, the repertoire mainly comprised rock’n roll acts from the fifties, performed by a quartet : piano, guitar, straight bass and drums. A few years later a horn section (tenorsax, bariton sax and trumpet) was added to the original quartet and the band established itself as a real showband, which strongly reminds of earlier jumpbands in the style of Louis Jordan, Roy Brown, Joe Turner, Jimmy ‘Honeydripper’ Liggins, ... Sweeping saxparts, gripping trumpet solos and driving boogie woogie piano. At the same time a new name was chosen : ‘THE SMOKY MIDNIGHT GANG’
Information: Filiep Ketels
Kasteellaan 479 - 9000 Gent - Belgium
tel. +32 476 776 731
e-mail :
Location: Gent, Belgium
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