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Jean-Pierre Bertrand

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About: Boogie woogie:a magical jazz style which brings
a joyful and energetic conviviality
to festivals,nightclubs or other special events.

The media as well as the public have deemed Jean-Pierre Bertrand one of the best Boogie-Woogie pianists in France.
Born in Saint-Germain-en Laye in 1955,Jean-Pierre’s youth,from age 14,was dedicated to the studying of this particular jazz style and was influenced by such performers as Albert Ammons,Pete Johnson,Sammy Price,Memphis Slim,Lloyd Glenn or Meade Lux Lewis.

Since 1989,he has been the organizer and producer of the “Jazz and Boogie nights”.Since then he has recorded 10 albums,either solo or with the “Jazz and Boogie piano nights”,an international festival attracting every year since 1989 the best pianists from all over the world.Various shows and events for companies and private persons are also part of his undertakings.

J-P Bertrand gives performances in jazz clubs ,at private as well as public concerts and he appears in numerous musical events.
Performing at jazz festivals,he appeared at the 97’ Cincinnati blues festival(USA),in Detroit in 98 during a Classic jazz special and at the Hannover(Germany) and The Hague(Holland) jazz festivals.He gave live duet performances with Ray Bryant,Bob Seeley,Axel Zwingenberger,Little Willie Littlefield and often with French master pianist Jean-Paul Amouroux.

The base of his style involves Blues sessions and Boogie-Woogie covers of Jazz standards.
The swiftness and acoustic qualities of his piano playing come from a firm tempo,an advanced knowledge of the particular complexity of Boogie-woogie technique and creative abilities during sessions.
His technique is especially influenced by the typical tremolos and intense beat of Albert Ammons and also by Slim,Price or Llopy Glenn.J-P Bertrand’s repertoire consists in a great deal of Boogie references such as "Boogie woogie Stomp", "Honky tonk train Blues", "Pinetop's Boogie" well as New Orleans Jazz or Blues themes like "Swanee river Boogie", "All of me", "The Sheik of Araby" and also "My blue Heaven."
He also plays his own compositions, a mix of Jazz swing, Blues & Boogie woogie and many standards of Jazz played with the "Boogie groove" !

J-P Bertrand performs as a solo pianist in duets,trios or orchestras with 5 to 8 musicians.He has also set up a show called»Boogie Story during which he takes the public on a journey in Boogie-Woogie history in French or in English.Thus each track is accompanied with comments on the origins,composers and anecdotes which «season» Jazz history.
An ardent and undertaking promoter of Jazz music-P Bertrand travels Europe and the world to share his passion for piano.
He is also a Burgundian resident,living in Beaune and he is a member of the «Confrérie des Chevaliers du Tastevin»(see front page in menu columns)Not surprisingly he shows a particular interest in the connections between music and wine and has a general passion for gastronomy and the Table arts.

Location: Saint-Germain-en Laye, France
Music Genres: Boogie Woogie, Blues, Jazz
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