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Jo Bohnsack

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About: The German pianist and singer JO BOHNSACK is a great lover of boogie woogie and blues.
He is the first music student in Germany who spezialized in the birth and history of this musical style.
Bohnsack admits to have beeing influenced by legendary boogie woogie masters like Jimmy Yancey and Meade Lux Lewis and by New Orleans exponents like Prof. Longhair James Rooker and Dr. John.
The sales of his first CD "Boogie in a nice place" have been extremely satisfactory. His recently released CD "A Tribute to my Heroes" promised to be an even greater success.
Greatest success until now: An invitation to Jazz & Heritage Festival New - Orleans and becoming Steinway - Artist in 2005 !
Information: Jo Bohnsack
Schulstrasse 30
D - 25377 Kollmar (Germany)
Tel: 0049 4128 260
Mobil: 0049 170 9044 919

Location: Kollmar, Germany
Music Genres: Blues and Boogie Woogie
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