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About: From the tropical islands of Mauritius and Australia Natural Jazz is one of the few touring Jazz bands with their own unique approach to music combining jazz and entertainment to suit any music lover. Previously at the House of Blues and Jazz Shanghai, Natural Jazz are “bringing the house down leaving packed clubs yelling for more” Shanghai Daily; Dec, 2006.

An Australian singer's first meeting with three Mauritian musicians for the opening of the popular Back Street Jazz club has naturally, turned into a partnership that has lasted over two years.

The music is highly rhythmic, with lively Mauritian beats perfectly matched by the soulful and remarkable range of vocalist Ce-Ce. In addition to mixing musical elements from the different cultures, the band also presents a fusion of musical sounds from different genres including blues, reggae, funk, soul and R & B with jazz the underlying feature.

The entertainment is priceless, each show magical as they pour out their souls right before your very eyes….

The proof is in the listening!!! Come and check it out any day from 9.00pm at JZ Club Hangzhou till May 2007.
Information: We're almost always playing and touring but we're keen to hear from you! There's a number of ways to contact us and we have individual myspace portals as well!

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Location: Mauritius
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