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Silk Street Hot Seven

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About: The Silk Street Hot Seven were formed back in 2003 as a new generation of early jazz band. The ensemble contains today's young up-and-coming players all of whom continue to revitalise the scene with their flair, excitement and enthusiasm. Their ability to acknowledge and reflect on the past but to create a contemporary sound is why it is one of the pre-eminent bands on the scene today.
All members are full time London professionals and are some of the leading musicians in their field
The Silk Street Hot Seven are building on a fast growing prestigious reputation for being one of the most reliable bands in the UK.
Establishing a high level of consumer confidence, the band's credibility in today's market is clearly evident from its extensive list of widely recognised and extremely satisfied clientele.
The band has also played at many prestigious venues across the UK
Information: Telephone on +44 (0)844 736 5710
(09:00 - 17:30, Mon - Sat)
Location: United Kingdom
Music Genres: New Orleans Jazz, Swing, Jam, Dixie and more
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