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The Steve Fulsham Band

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About: The Steve Fulsham band, are on an new journey, to seek out new venues, strange new festivals, and to boldly go where plenty of people have gone before.I suppose what we do is nothing new,but right now, we're having so much fun doing it,so why not? Having been in successful rock cover bands, i wanted to have a band, that i could use as a vehicle for my song writing, but also a band that was entertaining enough to carry off the task of playing original material.Lets be honest, we all have seen original bands, only to be bored rigid,within half an hour. on the other hand, we've all seen covers bands that have brought on premature rigor mortis. So my idea was to bring together musicians who were prepared to suffer for their art.Also to put up with narrow minded attitudes, rejection, small audiences, lplaying out of town, for little money,lack of venues willing to put us on.All of which we are seeing the back of now.Having stuck to our guns, weathered the storm, we are now playing in the best venues in the north of England. This was culminated in June this year, by our appearance at the MAG Farmyard Party, in Helmsly,North Yorkshire. With one thousand party hungry bikers in a marquee, it was only ever going to be a success. This year, Our fifth, has also been the most productive, this is largely to to with the arrival on bass guitar, of Ched. Ched has been the 'top dog' in Hull for many years, having a loyal following of fans, following him through various bands,the most notable of which,was The Rats.(with Mick Ronson, Of the Spiders from mars.) It was in this band that Ched last played bass. so when Mike Baker,(our maverick drummer) suggested that we ask Ched to join,i said,'Ched?!! Join us? on bass?!!(he usually plays six string)I was a little suprised to learn that he said 'he'd love to'. And truthfully, from there we've not looked back. So now,the rhythm section, is ,Simon Kirke influenced drummer, Mike Baker, himself no stranger to success, having played in such bands as, The Fabulous Whippets,and Kingdom Brunell, playing on the same bill as all the great major artists in the late sixties and seventies. Mike has a lot of stories, some of which we never tire of hearing.My particular favourite, has to be a tale of a certain young Sid Barrett, at a gig they were both playing .Something about Sid upsetting Mike,the two of them squaring up to each other on stage, two punches being thrown, neither of which connected, resulting in a brawl.Or maybe there was no brawl, i just put that in for comedy value. So here's to a band that works together,a band that entertains, that rocks, that swings, that boogies,that does not comromise their musical integrity for the sake of anything. And lets look forward to a another five years at least, of good, honest, down home, rock and blues. Steve fulsham, July 2008

Location: Hull, Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Music Genres: Rock
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