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Allison Reed Therapies & Hypnotherapy

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About: Welcome to Allison's Complementary Therapies and Hypnotherapy website. Feel free to browse through my pages, and if you have any queries or would like to make an appointment, please do not hesitate to contact me (07837 222 730).

All of the complementary therapies I provide are suitable for all ages and may bring relief from a wide range of acute and chronic conditions. Conditions which may be helped include PMT, asthma, problems connected with the head, nose, ears and sinuses, stress/anxiety, all pains (especially joint pains), headaches/migraines, back problems, digestive problems, swollen ankles, tinnitus and insomnia. This list is in no way exhaustive. Please feel free to contact me to find out which treatment would best suit your needs. All of the treatments I offer are deeply relaxing.

You don't need to be ill or have health problems to visit me. Many people visit me just for the relaxation they receive. With ever increasing levels of stress, it is important that people take more responsibility for their own health care needs. Complementary therapies help us to cope on a physical, mental and emotional level, thereby encouraging us to heal and maintain health in all areas of our lives. They will instil in you a sense of balance, well being and tranquillity to help you cope with everyday life.

Before undertaking any treatment I will ask you to answer a brief medical and lifestyle questionnaire. All information given will be kept in the strictest confidence. Any therapies I provide should not be used as a substitute to your own GP, I do not diagnose problems and there are some conditions that I will be unable to treat (please call me if you have any queries).
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Allison Reed Therapies & Hypnotherapy
Therapy Centre,
78-82 Church Road,

Tel: 07837 222730
Location: Bristol, South West England, United Kingdom - England
Business Type: Hypnotherapists
Products or Services: Reflexology
Hopi Ear Candle
Head Massage
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