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About: Welcome to The Avenue Veterinary Centre is a friendly mixed practice offering high quality care for pets, farm animals and horses, in Staple Hill, Bristol and the surrounding areas.


The Avenue Veterinary Centre is a large mixed practice, dealing with a range of animals including cats, dogs, rabbits, small pets, farm animals and horses. Our 9 vet team has a wide range of interests and expertise, so we can offer high standards of treatment in all of these species.

Our Veterinary Surgeons are available for small animal consultations by appointment, when they will discuss the problem or requirement, and perform a thorough physical examination of your pet. This may lead to a diagnosis and prescribing treatment, or recommendations of further investigation and/or surgical treatment.

Our excellent team of nurses provide the best care for our inpatients, and offer a variety of Clinics dealing with important matters such as weight control and nutrition.

Reception is open all day between 8.30am and 6.30pm weekdays (8.30am to 12.00pm Saturdays) for purchase of flea treatments, wormers, diets (prescription and maintenance), collection of repeat prescriptions, bill payments, or for general enquiries. The office is also open during these times to phone for appointments, order repeat prescriptions and diets, and to make enquiries.

The Early Years, by Mr. D. Perrett MRCVS

The practice started late in the 19th Century by Charles E. Perry, who qualified from London before he was 21 and was not permitted to practice until he came of age. He practiced initially in Stapleton Road, Bristol where the work consisted solely of horses, especially those involved in the big transport businesses such as the railway. Later he moved to Fishponds, then to Hill View, Staple Hill, and finally, for him, to Woodlands, Overnhill Road.

In approximately 1934 he was joined by his youngest son Victor E. Perry who was responsible for introducing what was to become a successful small animal business to add to the ever developing farm practice, mostly in South Gloucestershire.

I joined the practice in 1944 when the surgery and office/waiting room were two small rooms built on to the end of the house. Woodlands was a big house in Staple Hill with about 5 acres of garden and fields. (Mr. C.E. Perry kept two Jersey cows for "the house" which were milked by the gardener). Over on the yard was a row of out buildings and at a later date (1959?) two of these were converted into a much bigger surgery and waiting room.
Mr. D. Perrett MRCVS

By 1966 the practice was growing and we investigated the possibility of building a purpose built surgery in the grounds of Woodlands but could not get planning permission. From upstairs at Woodlands one could look East over a patch of rough ground with a spoil heap in the middle. This belonged to the Wren family who owned the Regal Cinema and who during the Second World War kept pigs there in quite large numbers. In the late 50's they cleared it with the idea of using it as a cinema car park but at a later date it was put up for sale and we were able to purchase it and get planning permission for this site. Woodlands was sold, demolished and replaced by the block of flats just over the West wall of the present surgery.

It's said there used to be a spoil heap in the middle of the site and apparently this was brought up from a mine which was at one time explored for coal, though Mr. Perry always said that the only coal brought up the shaft was that taken down for the opening ceremony! However, before planning permission was granted we had to get permission to build from the Coal Board. This was granted for the building we had in mind but we were told we would not get planning permission for a multi-storey car park!

The building was then erected being partly pre-fabricated and partly permanent building and we moved in some time in the early part of 1968.

Out details:

Avenue Veterinary Centre,
Pendennis Avenue,
Staple Hill, Bristol.
Tel. 0117 956 9038

Location: Bristol, South West England, United Kingdom - England
Business Type: Veterinary surgery
Products or Services: Small pets, farm animals and equines.

3 operating theatres, the dental room, diagnostic imaging room, dispensary, kennels and cattery. The prep room provides on hand everything needed for our work such as emergency treatment, taking blood samples, inducing general anaesthetics and preparing patients for surgery.
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