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About: Quest is based in Banwell and operates from a 17th century Chapel, Our Skill set includes the typical Book keeping; Accountancy; Payroll services at both the customer site and in our office.

Everything we do for your company certainly needs to be done by someone anyway! Effectively you employ our expert staff on a part-time basis, but only when they are needed!

Your first saving is on staffing wage commitments – and you always get expert advice!

We provide a free consultation and evaluate your requirements, and then you agree the level of your essential service needs.

For further information please phone.

  Our Details:

The Chapel
Church Street
BS29 6EA

Tel: 01934 822492

Location: Banwell, Somerset, United Kingdom - England
Looking For: People to employ
Business Type: Booking Keeping, Payroll, Accountancy
Products or Services: Book keeping
Managment of Limited Companies
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