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About: Camino al Sol is a nonprofit community to share the love and messages of Sacred Plant Medicines, Ayahuasca, Coca and Tobacco. We are providing the Ayahuasca healing retreats in the United States and in Colombia. Camino al Sol community offers space for experiments, teaching, learning of different ritual and workshops to visitors who share their ideas. The main goal of our community is to safeguard cultures from the vulnerable environment and improving the quality of human life and communities. Our Shamans are skilled healers and elders from the Muinane and Siona tribes of Colombia. We only collect funds for Ayahuasca Retreat to help our Elders through education program, building and land preservation programs.

Website: Camino al Sol
Location: Julian, California, United States
Business Type: Non-profit Community
Products or Services: Ayahuasca Healing
Ayahuasca Retreat
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