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Chinnick Theatre Services

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About: Chinnick Theatre Services offer the most comprehensive,
professional and friendly service in the industry.

What do we do? Well just about anything you can imagine!

We have been serving the Entertainment, Theatre, Leisure and Conference Industries for over twenty seven years. Not to mention the weddings, parties and other private functions that we service. In other words a comprehensive service that is available to everyone.

We specialise in providing those extras and hard to find items that you need to make your function or event complete...such as...
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Full disco packs and equipment for you to use -
use your own DJ or have a go yourself
Smoke, haze and bubble machines
Extra lighting
Silk flames
External butane burners
Sound, rigging, effect and power distribution
All types and sizes of stage hire

Chinnick Theatre Services was formed in 1979 with the idea of supplying and servicing lighting equipment in theatres around the country.

This idea worked, but demands from other organisations; schools, colleges, amateur companies, the conference industry, not to mention weddings and parties, and their multitude of different requirements, have continually expanded the CTS portfolio. Our areas of operation now cover not just lighting, but sound, staging, theatre curtains, curtain tracks, stage engineering, special effects, pyrotechnics and much much more.

Whilst retaining a working role in the entertainment industry, actually going out and working on shows, together with over thirty five years experience working in the industry, we find that this gives us a unique understanding of customer’s requirements.

With our extremely broad portfolio, we feel that whatever your requirements within the entertainment and allied fields, we can help.

  Our details:

Chinnick Theatre Services
Unit F2F
Bath Road Trading Estate

Tel: 01453 750350
Fax: 01453 766300
Location: Stroud, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom - England
Business Type: Theatre services
Products or Services: Hire
A full range of lighting, Sound, Staging, Rigging, Effects and Power Distribution.
Plus the ability to locate those hard to find items. Check out our catalogue now >>

We supply almost anything within our industry, whilst holding dealerships for Audio Technica, Allen & Heath, CCT Lighting, Doughty Engineering, EVL Lighting, Phonic Sound Equipment, QSC Amplifiers, U.V Lighting to name but a few. Make-up, Scenic Materials, Scenic Paint, Curtains & Tracks, staging & Pyrotechnics are all within our very broad portfolio.

We manufacture our own lighting bars, patch panels and distribution systems.
Plus set panels and other bespoke elements. With Glyndebourne Touring Opera
and the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts amongst our customers.

With nearly thirty years experience within the industry, we are able to supply and install the whole package, ensuring that the whole system is compatible. Our opinion is that the completion of the installation is the beginning of our working relationship - not the end.

From our Stage Safety Check service to our workshop repairs, we undertake to do everything to keep things running - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Design & Consultancy
Working with Architects and clients from a projects conception, we are able to ensure that the best use is made of the resources and budget available. Each project being individual and not just another stock package of equipment.
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