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The Dog Salon

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The Dog Salon is located at :

3 Trymwood Parade
Shirehampton Road
Bristol - BS9 2DP

Tel: 0117 9686600
Email: [email protected]

Bristol, South West England, United Kingdom - England
Business Type: Dog Salon
Products or Services: You are welcome to visit us and have a look at our pet shop and see dog grooming in action in our-open plan parlour.
A microchip is the tiny computer chip that contains the unique ID number assigned to the transponder. The microchip measures approximately 1 mm2 (size of a rice grain).

Each unique ID number is encoded onto the microchip during the manufacturing process by a laser. To the transponder (pet), the microchip is inserted in the fatty tissue between the shoulder blades. It is a painless procedure.

The dog salon provides dry cleaning services in conjunction with Stafford's Dry Cleaning.

You drop your garments at the Dog Salon and come back 2 days later to collect them.
There is a special offer on dry cleaning, and you can have 3 garments cleaned for £12 (a suit counts as 1 item).
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