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The Dog Salon

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About: At The Dog Salon we like to do things a little differently. We believe in creating beautifully styled pets in a happy and relaxed environment, you will see that all pets are groomed in our open plan salon, and as anyone will tell you, they all look so calm! Its something that we hear every day both from our customers and passers by, its one of the reasons that we have such a great reputation.

When you bring your pet to us we will always discuss the needs of both you and your pet, in today's busy world we understand that some customers do not have the time to devote to regular grooming and we are here to help you with this important part of your pets care. Whether it be a regular de-shedding or grooming programme or an easy to care for stylish haircut, we will always listen to your needs.

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The Dog Salon is located at :

3 Trymwood Parade
Shirehampton Road
Bristol - BS9 2DP

Tel: 0117 9686600

Location: Bristol, South West England, United Kingdom - England
Business Type: Dog Salon
Products or Services: You are welcome to visit us and have a look at our pet shop and see dog grooming in action in our-open plan parlour.
A microchip is the tiny computer chip that contains the unique ID number assigned to the transponder. The microchip measures approximately 1 mm2 (size of a rice grain).

Each unique ID number is encoded onto the microchip during the manufacturing process by a laser. To the transponder (pet), the microchip is inserted in the fatty tissue between the shoulder blades. It is a painless procedure.

The dog salon provides dry cleaning services in conjunction with Stafford's Dry Cleaning.

You drop your garments at the Dog Salon and come back 2 days later to collect them.
There is a special offer on dry cleaning, and you can have 3 garments cleaned for £12 (a suit counts as 1 item).
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