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Susan Leigh

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About: Susan worked for a blue chip company for many years, before setting up Lifestyle Therapy with her husband Frederick in 1988.

She provides a sensitive, professional and confidential service
One-on-one treatment for individual clients, tailoring each session to the individuals needs.
Couples in matrimonial or dispute situations, helping to mediate and find compromise.
In business, providing corporate support through staff training and health care either to individual clients or in a group work setting.
Susan is a long established contributor to BBC Radio, talking on topics as diverse as dreaming to abuse or acting as an ‘agony aunt’ to listeners who telephone in.

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3 Alstone Drive
Oldfield Brow
WA14 4LD

Telephone: 0161 928 7880

Location: Altrincham, Cheshire, United Kingdom - England
Business Type: Counselling Centre
Products or Services: Some problems that I can help are:

Pain - this can be helped by learning self hypnosis, relaxation techniques and by becoming less tense

Self esteem issues and low confidence - can be helped by addressing old patterns of behaviour and by improving self belief

Stress and anxiety - learn to identify 'amber lights' when things start to go wrong and modify behaviour accordingly

Habits and behaviour patterns - deal with the origins of the problem and start to see clearer options ahead

Weight, Smoking, Addictions - start to see a healthier more attractive self and cope more constructively with stress, pressure, lifestyle.

Abuse and Bullying - Helps to heal longterm damage and hurt and to build a stronger positively assertive self

Matrimonial disputes - helps with mediating on neutral ground, finding ways to communicate more constructively and build bridges.

Physical problems IBS, Skin problems, stress related symptoms, sleeping difficulty - these can be helped with counselling, visualisation techniques, self hypnosis. Stress is often a factor with these complaints and learning to relax and cope with stress more constructively can help facilitate improvement.
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