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Susan Leigh

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3 Alstone Drive
Oldfield Brow
WA14 4LD

Telephone: 0161 928 7880
E-mail: [email protected]

Altrincham, Cheshire, United Kingdom - England
Business Type: Counselling Centre
Products or Services: Some problems that I can help are:

Pain - this can be helped by learning self hypnosis, relaxation techniques and by becoming less tense

Self esteem issues and low confidence - can be helped by addressing old patterns of behaviour and by improving self belief

Stress and anxiety - learn to identify 'amber lights' when things start to go wrong and modify behaviour accordingly

Habits and behaviour patterns - deal with the origins of the problem and start to see clearer options ahead

Weight, Smoking, Addictions - start to see a healthier more attractive self and cope more constructively with stress, pressure, lifestyle.

Abuse and Bullying - Helps to heal longterm damage and hurt and to build a stronger positively assertive self

Matrimonial disputes - helps with mediating on neutral ground, finding ways to communicate more constructively and build bridges.

Physical problems IBS, Skin problems, stress related symptoms, sleeping difficulty - these can be helped with counselling, visualisation techniques, self hypnosis. Stress is often a factor with these complaints and learning to relax and cope with stress more constructively can help facilitate improvement.
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