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About: Family Mediation Manchester was set up in 1992 by a group of solicitors and counsellors, all trained in family mediation. Initially, FMM offered privately funded mediation only.

In 1996, FMM became one of the first services in the area to offer publicly funded mediation, via the Legal Services Commission. At that time, Manchester was one of the initial three pilot areas in the country.

Family Mediation Manchester offers mediation services from many locations around the Greater Manchester area. We are able to offer mediation services at an office that would be most convenient for both you and your partner.

All our mediators are fully experienced, both in assessing whether cases are suitable for mediation and also for providing the mediation itself. We also provide training in the Manchester area.

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28 High Street
WA14 1QP
PHONE: 0161 941 4941
FAX: 0161 941 5333

E-mail us:

Location: Altrincham, Cheshire, United Kingdom - England
Business Type: Family Mediation
Products or Services: Each party will attend a free initial meeting where they will be assessed for eligibility for public funding (legal aid). If you are not eligible, the price of mediation will be explained (there is a sliding scale of charges depending on your income). This fee will be payable at the end of each full mediation session.

The initial meeting lasts approximately 20-30 minutes.

A full mediation session involves both parties and a mediator and will last between 1 - 2 hours. A full case may take between 2 to 5 sessions, depending on the complexity of the case.
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