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Marianna Dias

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About: If you want to get involved into music, aquire some knowledge of it, get your child musical education, see resoults and have your child known with a teacher who really cares about the individual needs and the resoults.
You don't need to be extremely talented. All you need is the willing to learn and find a little time to practice.
My method is goal oriented with never losing if front of sight the individual attributes, needs and capabilities.
Information: 085 755 3929
My name is Marianna, I am a music teacher, dedicated to envolve children into music whilst they don't lose the point of loving what they study - music.
I have studied in several Universities, including Hungary/Debrecen, Finland/Tampere and Portugal/Lisbon.
I have a broad range of experience within the field of music from teaching to organizing concerts.
Location: Dublin, Ireland
Business Type: Music Teacher
Products or Services: piano and theory classes
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