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About: We believe we are unique in satisfying a demand from businesses who value the high level of personal attention and detail we provide: businesses who want their solicitors to be actively involved in their affairs and who appreciate the personal responsibility our partners take in establishing and maintaining client contact. We have identified and developed in-depth specialisations that are unique to a firm of our size and will provide you with the highest level of expertise at a cost that is reasonable.
Over the last few years, Meade King has seen a rapid increase both in the volume of its commercial work and in the areas of expertise which we can offer. That growth has only been achieved by a consistent commitment to providing a quality service. We pride ourselves on the investment we make in equipping our staff to provide the service you require. We are proud of the breadth and depth of the services which we offer and of the way in which both solicitors and support staff anticipate and meet the needs of our clients.

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11-12 Queen Square

Tel 0117 926 4121
Fax 0117 929 7578


Location: Bristol, South West England, United Kingdom - England
Looking For: People to employ
Business Type: Law Firm
Products or Services: To protect your interests and meet your objectives in a rapidly changing world, your solicitor must understand your business operations and individual needs. That's why we at Meade King are committed to an approach that is based on knowledge acquisition and partnership.

Business Law
Commercial Litigation
Commercial Property
Credit Management and Debt Collection
Elderly Client Issues
Professional negligence
Regulatory Law
Residential Conveyancing
Retail Trade
Wills, Probate and Trusts
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