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About: Paintball is a sport which combines teamwork, strategy and skill into an exciting and action packed day for both men and women. Players are equipped with special marking guns which fire bio-degradable paintballs, accurate to 95 feet. You will need to be quick thinking and resourceful as you attempt to outwit the opposing team. During your day you will be set an exciting variety of objectives and missions, all designed to test your abilities to the full in a fun atmosphere. We look forward to welcoming you to the Paintball Adventure fields where your enjoyment is our priority.

The site is based on one of the largest wooded areas in the West so we can offer lots of variation in playing areas, from the open woodland to dense jungle. A number of big game installations have been skillfully built into the natural surroundings to create the best possible environment for your paintball adventure.
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Paintball Adventure,
31, Hopps Road,
BS15 9QQ

Tel: 0117 9353300
Fax: 0117 9495672
Location: Bristol, South West England, United Kingdom - England
Business Type: Paintball
Products or Services: Corporate and team paintball
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