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About: Smith & Williamson was founded in Glasgow in 1881 and has, for many years, combined an independent firm of chartered accountants with an investment management and private banking house.

The firm we know today has evolved by exponential growth and has gained an enviable reputation as a leading financial services firm which offers a full and innovative range of services. Of note, the merger in 2002 with NCL (Securities) Limited - incorporating Cunningham Coates Stockbrokers, one of Northern Ireland's oldest and leading financial institutions - and in 2005 with Solomon Hare, one of the longest-established independent accounting and financial advisory firms in the UK, have contributed to the firm's growth and success.

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Portwall Place,
Portwall Lane,

Tel: 0117 376 2000

Location: Bristol, South West England, United Kingdom - England
Looking For: People to employ
Business Type: mortgage
Products or Services: statutory audit, whether under the Companies Act or other legislation
other statutory reports required from registered auditors under legislation
services as reporting accountants to Aim and other transactions
regulatory reports for professional bodies, such as The Law Society and The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors
other regulated audits for various industry sectors, such as financial services
pension fund audits .

Smith & Williamson provides investment services for private individuals, charities and institutions, with over £8 billion of funds under management (as at 31 July 2008).

We operate from offices in London, Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, Glasgow, Guildford and Worcester.
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