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Clazz Jazz Club

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About: The love for music among the people in Clazz has helped the creating of a Clazz Restaurant & Lounge& Club. The result is a place completely unique in Tallinn and whole Estonia where flexible and sophisticated music taste can rest and savor the live show or the carefully chosen music by the DJ; where the food is simply very good and good service greets you already at the door.Every decent town needs a place where good food, good music and great people can get together. In Tallinn restaurant Clazz is definitely the place. Clazz offers high level European cuisine without being snobbish, carefully chosen music to go with it and warm and friendly service. One hour before midnight the main menu is replaced by the night menu but as long as the doors are open there is food to be served. And these doors are open till early hours.The menu is truly international and has been combined to have something for every taste. As Clazz is open from 12.00-03.00 daily and sometimes even longer, the menu also has its specific time schedules. A la Carte menu is offered from 12.00 until 23.00 when the special night menu replaces the regular menu. Special lunch offer is available daily from 12.00 until 16.00 and it is a nice experience to listen to music that is not mainstream and maybe not heard every day and it could even happen that during the day, there are musicians on the stage either getting ready for night performances or playing for some special occasion.
Information: Vana turg 2, Tallinn
Phone: 627 9022
Fax: 627 90 21
Open at 12:00-03:00 !
Location: Tallinn, Estonia
Club Activities: Jazz Club
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