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German Canadian Business Club

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About: Welcome to the German-Canadian Business Club Stuttgart!

The purpose of the German-Canadian Business Club is to strengthen the economic relations between Canada and Baden-W├╝rttemberg. With regular presentations, usually in connection with a luncheon, by speakers of the business world, science, and the public sector, topics of both countries are discussed, to further improve better mutual understanding and knowledge.

The club is a platform, in which company owners, managing directors, CEOs, representatives of banks, economic advisors, lawyers and representatives of the ministries and public institutions can meet in a convivial circle to exchange experiences about Canada.

The German-Canadian Business Club is no registered society. Fees, if any, are paid at each event. The events are organized by the Canadian Consulate in Stuttgart.
Information: Please send your inquiries and/or registration to the following address:

Canadian Consulate
Lange Strasse 51
70174 Suttgart

Phone: 0711/223 96 78
Fax: 0711/223 96 79
Location: Stuttgart, Germany
Club Activities: German Canadian Business
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