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Location: Houston, Texas, United States
Home Location: Houston, texas, United States
Hobbies & Interests: The Bay Area Brain Injury Support Group (BABISG) is a non-profit organization and information resource funded through private donations and was founded in 2008. The main goal of the organization is to be Houston brain injuries survivors support & information group. It became obvious that such a group needed to be formed. Now, such a group exists!

The Purpose of the organization is:

- Provide socialization for individuals with all types of brain injury and their families/friends.
- Improve one’s coping skills while reducing distress, depression, anxiety, and/or fatigue.
- Educate the community about brain injury.
- Supply members and the community with both local and national resources.
- Offer support and share coping strategies.
The organization’s members are of the group range in age from 18-67-year-old survivors of various types of brain injury including:
- Traumatic Brain Injury
- Stroke
- Aneurysm
- Brain Surgery
- Brain tumors
- All diseases of the brain
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