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About: Email: [email protected]
Location: New Delhi, Delhi, India
Home Location: New Delhi, Delhi, India
Professional Status: Business owner
Looking For: Business contacts
Occupation: Ngo Consultancy
Skills: ngo registration, ngo consultancy, trust registration, society registration,
Interested In: Men
Smoking: Smoker
Religion: Hindu
Hobbies & Interests: First of all, the firm endeavors to assist and guide non-governmental firms to attain in their objectives in the varying operations. Through this, various aid companies can run without misusing the funds that they have actually gotten from both external and regional sources by ensuring that under-spending or overspending is eliminated. This is attained by providing sufficient understanding and training to numerous NGOs that operate in the nation. Secondly, the consultancy likewise supports registrations, permits, licenses and recognitions for non-governmental companies or councils.
Mobile: 7838272423
Work: 01122235922
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