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mutya antasuda

About: Location: Cebu, Philippines
Home Location: Cebu, region VII, Philippines
Professional Status: Employed
Looking For: Employment
Occupation: staff nurse
Skills: skilled on intensive care,knows how to do cpr; iv,ngt,fbc insertions,knows how to manage time and prioritize
Age: 38
Interested In: Men, women
Relationship Status: Married
Looking For: Shared interests, friendship
Smoking: Non-Smoker
Hobbies & Interests: likes reading books,a homebuddy, fond of surfing the internet or checking my emails, likes dancing,singing and sketching,loves to watch tv,movies and listening to music
Screen Names: mutya (Yahoo)
Telephone: 032-2539855
Mobile: 639103654277
Work: 0322338620 local 233
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