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Shalom Lamm

About: Following a 35-year career in the private sector, Shalom Lamm is dedicating himself to the mission of Operation Benjamin, a 501(c)3 in the not-for-profit arena. Operation Benjamin speaks to his experience, education, and passion.

Hundreds of American-Jewish GI’s killed-in-action in WWII were mistakenly buried under Latin Crosses.

The mission ofOperation Benjamin is to identify Jewish soldiers at American military cemeteries all over the world who were mistakenly buried under Latin Crosses and replace the headstones with a Star of David, providing these many decades later; accurate and just recognition of the soldier’s identity, comfort to the families of the fallen, and causing the millions of visitors to the American Military Cemeteries to visually understand the shared Jewish sacrifice in the causes of democracy and freedom.
Location: new york, ny, Anguilla
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